IT Business Strategy & Managed Services for Scalable Success

An IT Strategy will be the first step in establishing an effective and comprehensive technology plan for your business, and IT Services 101 can help. As with any successful venture, you cannot reach your goals without first assessing the most efficient way to get there. Then setting up and protecting your infrastructure with a strong IT Strategy becomes critical.

Our Comprehensive IT Strategy

At IT Services 101 our IT Strategy essentially falls into five major categories.

  1. Security Audit Services
  2. Network Design
  3. Network Deployment
  4. Enterprise Efficiency
  5. Virtualization / Hypervisor

An IT Strategy from IT Services 101 ensures your project success with detailed network design architecture along with integration of existing or upgraded network hardware components. Moreover, full installation and ongoing maintenance of your network hardware infrastructure does not require a contract. We will help your organization gain better economical control of your IT strategy and budget. Our extensive services can even include board level bench testing, network security assessment and component configuration help us deliver completely managed IT services.

The IT Services 101 Checklist for Network Excellence

  • Perform full physical inspection of all equipment for any damage
  • Port by port diagnostic testing
  • Clean chassis, modules and all internal parts from dust and debris
  • Test fans for operational integrity
  • Restore factory default configurations and remove any passwords
  • Live network testing in addition to a 24 hour stability testing
  • Test all power supplies
  • Verify all serial numbers are valid and all chassis, modules and Interfaces are error free

Our IT Strategy always focuses on actual human computer interaction, beyond the root dependency on solid hardware. By assigning importance to human factors and network usage requirements, IT Services 101 has been able to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business. Practical usability for ideal implementation stems from 15+ years of industry experience, continually keeping project standards – and satisfaction – very high.